Observing lane discipline is an important safety measure on the road. This is majorly one of the testing points during training. Your car should be maintained on the left side of the road and within the white markings on the road. Making an excellent decision on which lane to follow when there are multiple lanes on the road is also key. Do not be undecided as this only leads to excess and unnecessary lane switch which can cause a crash. Below are different tips on enjoying lane discipline

Always Keep Left

Do not bend this rule! The normal driving lane is the left lane on the road. You should strictly follow your lane and ensure that your car is in the middle of the lane. Avoid drifting beyond the white markings since this can mislead the other drivers and cause accidents. If you get off the road, you risk to knock down pedestrians or other items that may destroy your car as well as death.

Always Communicate Your Intention

Use your mirror appropriately to determine the traffic levels of the lane you desire to switch to. One you are convinced that it would be okay for the drift, put on your signals to communicate your intention to other drivers. It is frightening when you suddenly apply brakes to accommodate another car in your lane, right? Avoid this habit since it is not only dangerous but can also lead slowing down of traffic. Ensure that your signal is on early enough to mentally and psychologically prepare the other drivers.

Use Motorways Well

The motorways are designed with many lanes; the left lane is always intended for the normal driving while the other lanes are meant for overtaking. When driving on the motorway with multiple lanes, always ensure that you keep left unless when you intend to overtake or your current lane has many slow-moving vehicles. In that case, you can drift to the other lanes; always indicate your intention before the drift. It is paramount not to spend too much time on the other lanes and instead drift to the left lane once you are comfortable in the lane. This is especially important if the speed of your car is slow and thus you are obstructing other motorists behind you.

Make Proper Use of Crawler Lanes

Crawler lanes are the extra lanes that are built on a steep hill. The climbing lanes are usually built on the left side. The lanes are designed to be used by heavy vehicles such as trailers, buses, and coaches. The reasoning behind it is that the heavy vehicles will be extremely slow on the steep hill; if the vehicle is allowed on the right lane, there would be slow-moving traffic since they would block the vehicles behind them. It is necessary to use the climbing lane if you are driving a heavy vehicle to avoid obstructing other drivers.

Use of Lanes in a Roundabout

The use of lanes in a roundabout depends on which side you intend to move to. If the roundabout has two lanes, you have the option of remaining in the outer lane or move into the inner lane. When you decide to use the outer lane, you will be going right ahead. Do not use the outer lane if you are going around the entire roundabout since this will confuse other motorists and may lead to crash. Instead, use the inside lane when you intend to move around the roundabout.


Observing lane discipline is mandatory and serves to protect you from ugly scenes on the road. You should strictly follow the rules governing the lane usage. This will reduce road fatalities and assure every driver a smooth and safe ride.