Ireland's law requires that you must possess a driving license for you to drive on Irish roads. When in the learning process, you can be allowed to drive when you are in possession of learner's permit. The document is the first requirement for passing a driving test in Ireland, and all students must possess it. You should always carry it while you are driving in Ireland. Below is a well-detailed article on what is required in the process of acquiring this vital document.

Proof of Identity

It is a requirement that you go to the National Driver License Service (NDLS) in person. You must also provide documents to proof that you are the person applying for learners permit. At the NDLS offices, you are required to provide honest information regarding your address, PPSN and a proof of nationality; there should be no doubt regarding your residence in Ireland for at least one hundred and eighty-five days each calendar year. Students and regular visitors are allowed to possess a learner's permit depending on how frequent you visit the country. To ascertain your identity, the following documents may be required;

  • A current Identity Card or certificate of naturalization for Irish citizens. Non-Irish should provide; a current passport photo, a valid UK Passport or an updated EU identity card. If you traveled to Ireland, you should provide the travel documents.

  • A current utility bill, be it electricity, television or broadband provider. This is aimed at establishing your exact residential location in Ireland. Other requirements that may be required to proof your physical address include bank statements, letter from the Revenue Department and correspondence to an Irish insurance firm or a national agency.

  • Provide your PPS number. This is available from the P29, Public Service Card, payslip or a medical card.

A fully completed application form

The application form can be downloaded from the NDLS website or obtained physically from NDLS offices, Garda offices or the driving test centers. It should, however, remain clear that a physical appearance for the proof of identity and residence is a must. The form should be completed accurately. Do not provide false information as this is a criminal offense in Ireland.

A Health Report

A medical report form should be obtained and duly filled by a registered medical officer. You will be required to sign the document in the presence of the doctor. The form is mandatory for the following group of people;

  • If you are applying for the learners permit for the first time, and you are more than 70 years

  • If you have any form of disability

The report is not necessary if you are renewing your learners permit and NDLS have your medical reports.

An Eyesight Report

This is meant to proof your vision ability. The form should be performed by a qualified optician. Those who provides a medical report may not be required to provide eyesight report unless on the medical doctor's recommendation. Also exempted are the second time applicants whose valid health information is available with the NDLS.

The driving Test Certificate

The pass certificate should not be more than two years of existence. It is meant to proof that you were trained in both the theory and practical driving skills. It should be valid and obtained from a registered instructional center. The list of the registered center can easily be accessed online.

If you are replacing a lost learner's permit, it is important to consult your nearest Garda office for loss confirmation and a stamp of proof.

While driving in Ireland, it is mandatory that you have the learners permit, any loss or expiry of the permit should be reported for a quick fix; failure to comply will only earn you trouble with the state authority and transport bodies.