The dream of driving your favorite car is quickly taking shape, after attending the required driving lessons. There is, however, one hindrance that is rudely interrupting your celebration; the driving test! I do not love tests; nobody does. It is important though that we appreciate the purpose of the tests and confront them with an open mind. Worrying about it will not save you from undergoing the process, brace yourself up and face the test. Pick some techniques on how to overcome the fears here.


You have to believe in yourself and apply the basics that you have learned so far. The level of confidence you have will determine the degree of success you will achieve. If you are nervous already, try the following;

  • Take a deep breath for five times. This will help relax your nerves and achieve significant energy level, calmness and concentration.

  • Forget that you are undergoing a test. An assumption that you are driving a colleague to work will work just well. This may sound impossible, but you can make it happen by focusing on the current business, driving.

Research on the basics

Learn the following before the test drive;

  • The test drive route. Familiarity with the route you will follow gives you superb confidence and eventually an excellent performance.

  • Know what the test will entail. Most of the schools will test students on parallel parking, bay parking, making turns on the road, reversing on a tricky corner, and emergency brakes among others. You need to have prior knowledge of what to expect.


Frequent practice is the surest way to overcome the driving test anxiety and fears. Before going for the real test, request for a test drive with friends and relatives. Let them be the examiners and learn from them. Ask all the questions that you need to know and apply their advice. If you are aware of the route you will be tested on, drive severally to familiarize yourself with the environment.

Be positive

Your attitude will determine how well you perform on the test. Driving test has its fair of challenges, but it is not impossible. We have millions of drivers on the roads every day; you can't be so bad that you cannot be one of the many millions of drivers on the road. Avoid the following to maintain positivity;

  • Don't let all your friends know about the test day. Their knowledge will raise their expectations which will burden you to meet their expectations. Too many expectations and pressure to perform well will overwhelm you leading to tension.

  • Don't listen to negative people. There will always be somebody to tell you how difficult it is or how impossible it is. Do not listen to them! Maintain your positivity and face the test with confidence. It is, after all, a test that millions of people have passed, you cannot be different!

Book the earliest driving test

The earlier you do your test, the less time you will have to worry. Always do your favorite exercise before the test. Create a conducive environment for relaxation of your brain muscles and thus reduce the tension levels. You can also have a light talk with your confidant.

Take Light Meals

You don't need stomach upsets on our test day. Take light meals preferably starch to provide the much-needed energy.

Do Not Take Alcoholic Drinks

This is the greatest injustice you can ever do to yourself. Avoid any form of drugs. If you feel dizzy after medication, put off the test.

Final Take

Taking a driving test is unique and has its fair share of challenges. It is, however, achievable if you believe in yourself and does it. The tips provided will make the test the most enjoyable experience!