Are you a citizen of the United States of America and you are planning to visit Ireland? Your choice of destination is right, but there is something you are not sure about; whether you will be allowed to drive during your stay in Ireland, right? Read on to learn more about tourists and visitors driving rules and regulations.

Can I drive in Ireland?

Tourists and visitors are allowed to drive in Ireland, but different countries are given different terms to follow. Ireland has recognized fifteen states that are allowed to freely drive in Ireland. The United States of America is not recognized by the Republic of Ireland. However, if you present your national license together with an international driving license from the United States, you will be allowed to drive in Ireland. The allowance is limited to only twelve months. If you intend to stay in Ireland beyond twelve months, you will be required to obtain the Irish driving license.

How to get an Irish Driving License

If you need to live in Ireland or spend more than a year there, you will be required to enroll at a certified training center where a certified trainer will train you. After the driving theory lessons, you have an obligation to undergo a driving test, which you must pass to be given a driving license

Challenges US Citizens face driving in Ireland

After arriving in Ireland armed with your national and international driving license, operating in Ireland will require more than a driving license, courage. Irish roads are narrow and not well-maintained. The ride may be frightening. Additionally, Irish roads are left-hand drive as opposed to those in the United States. This will pose a challenge at first given that you will use the kind of road, probably for the first time.

The car hire industry in Ireland is flooded by manual cars. The probability of you hiring an automatic car is minimal. This means that if you are not conversant with clutch and gear changing, you may find it rough on Irish roads. The good thing is that they guide the visitors well through road signs.



It is possible for a United States' citizen to drive in Ireland as long as they possess their international and national driving licenses. Although it won't be easy at first, you will quickly adapt to the new environment.