Essential Driver Training (EDT) was introduced in Ireland by the Road Safety Authority, under Graduated Driver Licensing System, as a scheme to improve the road safety in the country. On April 4, 2011, it became mandatory for all driving learners to undertake a course on fundamental driving skills and safety measures while driving. You will get a step-wise guide on how the EDT works and the precise information you need to know about the system.

New Training Method

The Essential Driver Training changed the system to allow for more skilled drivers in Ireland and consequent rise in road safety. The new system required that;

  • All new driving learners' twelve one-hour lessons spread over a period of six months. It is only when the student completes the lessons that he will be allowed to enroll for a driving test.

  • The EDT trainers must be registered and authorized, by the Road Safety Authority (RSA), to train students on EDT. It is necessary that a student confirms the trainer's registration details before they register for the training.

  • The RSA introduced a logbook to track the implementation of the EDT system. Every student on training is expected to fill and sign the logbook after every EDT lesson from a qualified and authorized trainer.

  • The learner is expected to have a sponsor who will provide practical lessons as the EDT lessons continue. The sponsor can be anybody who you are comfortable with and owns a car and a full driving license. The sponsor should also insure their car for this purpose. They are charged with the responsibility of polishing the skills that the learner acquires from EDT system. RSA suggests a minimum of three hours before the next EDT lesson.

  • RSA provided a well-detailed video which explains the processes involved in EDT system. It explained the requirements in both the motorcycle and cars training. The information is programmed in a catchy way to inspire hope and develop interest among the learners.

The Target

EDT system was introduced in Ireland to reduce road carnage. It is, therefore, necessary that all the drivers are equipped with necessary driving skills. The system targeted the following groups of people;

  • New learners. All the learners who registered after April 4, 2011, date are required to undertake the EDT Graduated Driver Licensing system.

  • Learner's' Permit holders. If you have had the permit for more than six months, it is important that you acquire your full license. Possession of full license will prevent any unnecessary friction with the authority. To be awarded the license you may need to apply and undergo the EDT integrated system.

  • Foreign Drivers. A Foreign driving license may have time limits; mostly one year. If you have been driving in Ireland with a foreign driving license for more than a year, you may consider applying for full Irish driving license. One requirement will be to test your skills.

Benefits of EDT System

  • The system is designed to deliver skills in a structured manner. The structuring ensures that the learners become expert drivers with unmatched skills on the road. This is the surest way of preventing road carnage.

  • The system has video lessons which not only make the lessons interesting but also allow the user to have a practical feeling of how driving skilfully is all about.

  • The sponsor and guardian aspect ensures that the lessons are adequately covered and that no student gets the driving lesson before they qualify. This assures Ireland of safe and skilled drivers.

  • The lessons have been stretched over a period of six months making it affordable to many parents and guardians. Additionally, this gives the learners enough time to acquire and apply the skills.

Safety on the road is a priority in Ireland; it should be a priority for every individual. No road carnage should occur in Ireland due to careless driving. As such, this system was timely, and any other measure to improve safety on our roads is a plus.