Research has shown that the volume of car sales in Ireland is on an average 24% annual increase. The rise has increased the demand for drivers and consequently that of the driving instructors. Are you interested in becoming a qualified driving instructor? Well, for any Irish to become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), they must undertake several tests. Below is well-detailed tips to guide you through the process;


The Roads Safety Authority (RSA) is mandated to ensure that only qualified instructors are approved and registered in their database. You should meet the following requirements;

  1. Be a person of good conduct with no record of fraud and other criminal activities.
  2. Possess a more-than-two year's old valid driving license in the category you wish to become a trainer.
  3. Provide a tax compliance certificate as a proof of payment of taxes
  4. Pass Garda vetting process before issuance of the registration certificate. The vetting process is meant to confirm the ability of the individual to train.
  5. Not to have been scrapped off from the list of the drivers due to mistakes made while driving.

If you have qualified on all of the RSA requirements, you can move to the next stage. Irish Road Safety Authority offers two options at this juncture;

  1. Go through three stages set by RSA for the qualification process.
  2. Satisfy the board that you are qualified to become a driving instructor immediately. This requires that you are vetted to ascertain your abilities. This happens if you have worked as an instructor in a different country.

Stages of Qualification process

The Irish Roads Safety Authority has set three stages which every applicant must participate and pass in. They include;

  1. Theory Test
  2. Practical Driving Test
  3. Examination

Application for a Consideration

If you have qualified in all the requirements and would like to apply for the qualification process, you will need to;

  1. Visit the Roads and Safety Authority website and download the application form
  2. Correctly fill in the forms, providing accurate information is important, and submit it to them for approval. Ensure that you indicate where you would like to sit the exams.
  3. Pay the required fee and wait for further instructions from the Roads and Safety Authority


The theory will test your understanding of the road rules and safety measures while driving. Irish Road and Safety Authority has 41 test centers from where you select the center where you wish to take the test from. The test is extensive and mostly consist of one hundred questions on road use and safety. The pass mark is eighty-five correct answers from the hundred questions.

Practical Driving Test

This tests your ability to drive in different environments. It is meant to ascertain your knowledge of road rules, safety rules as well as on how to handle a complicated situation such an accident. This test can only be carried out in specific centers, which you will be required to select your preferred center during application. The RSA-validated centers include; Waterford, Limerick, Galway, Dundalk, Athlone, Finglas, Cork, Kilkenny, Mullingar, Letterkenny, Sligo, Rathgar and Tralee


This is the last yet the most critical stage. It tests your ability to train a learner in your area of specialty. The test must be passed since it is a direct reflection to do your daily duties while maintaining the integrity of the Irish driving systems. These exams are taken from the selected center among the ones listed above.

Application and issuance of the license

Once you successfully undergo the qualification process, your name is registered in RSA's database as an approved Driving Instructor. A license is issued to the effect that.
Driving in Ireland is highly regulated. The body mandated with the regulations leaves no room for error. The qualification process may be rigorous and tedious, but it is worth it.