Are you in Ireland and you need to take that road drive? Well, the first check should be a driving license. The Road Safety Authority makes it mandatory for every driver in Ireland to own a driving license. One of the primary requirement of getting the license is successfully going through theory driving lessons and then the practical driving test. Once you pass the test, apply for your learners permit, and you will be ready for the road drive! Still confused? Let's have detailed analysis of what driving test is all about;

What is a driving test?

A driving test is a measure of how well you can apply the skills learned in your theory lesson into a practical driving test. You are required to be behind the wheel with an instructor just next to you, for a certain distance. The instructor will evaluate you and determine your suitability of owning a driving license and the ability to comfortably control the car on your own.

How do I register for the test?

If you are a new learner or possess an expired learner's permit, it is advisable to apply online or through the training centers. Usually, the Roads Safety Authority have a waiting time of an average ten times. It is necessary to consider this during application to ensure that you will be available when it is your turn to do the test. For your application to be considered, you must have gone through training in a certified training center and by a qualified instructor. There is a fee payable before the test is done.

How will I do the test when I am not an English speaker?

The Road Safety Authority has provided mechanisms that allow non-English speakers and people with disability carry out the test successfully. RSA allows that you bring an interpreter if you have a hearing impairment or do not understand English. Also, the vehicle presented for driving test must be designed to accommodate a disabled candidate comfortably. If you would like your tests administered in Irish, you can always apply for it. It is, however, important to note that the interpreters will not accompany you during the test. The trainer may have to use written instructions or sign language. The information about your disability is captured in your driving license and how you are adapted to it.

How should I prepare for the test day?

The driving test is designed to gauge your knowledge on the observance of driving rules, implementation of driving skills and safety measures while on the road. Before the test day, it is important that you familiarize yourself on all the testing areas. You can request a practical test from friends to ensure that you have hands-on experience before the day. During the few last lessons, ask for clarifications on all pending areas to help you polish up your skills. Always remain positive and avoid people with the negative notion of the driving test. Stay calm and relaxed and wait for the test day. Mediation and assurances are also a superb way of boosting your confidence ahead of the test.

What do I do on the test day?

Wake up early and take a light meal. Confirm that the car to be used for the test is in excellent condition. It is also an excellent idea to apply the skills briefly that morning as a rehearsal. Reassure yourself that you will make it and confidently go to the test center. Let the tester know when you get there to assign you the earliest possible test.

Can I cancel the test?

You can communicate your decision to call off the test to the tester. You will be required to start the process afresh after the canceling. It is, therefore, advisable to try as much as you can to attend the test.

The driving test is essential to assess your driving skills. It is a test for a good course, and every candidate should take it positively.