Traveling for long distances can be boring especially if your children are coming along. Kids get bored faster and will keep asking how long it would take to get to the destination. It is imperative that the children are kept busy. The best way to keep them busy is to involve them in a fun activity; introduce games that will keep them busy and help you avoid the nagging question of ‘how far are we?' Read on to find out different games available;

The Name Game

This game is exciting, where one person begins by give out a random name. The next person is expected to shout out a name starting with the last letter of the first name. The third person then shouts out a name starting with the last letter of the second name, and the pattern continues until someone defaults and is either eliminated from the game. The rule of the game is that all the names given must be a real name. The category of the names to be used is to be discussed among the participants, widely used being names of places, cities, animals, people or any other agreed parameter.

License Plate Game

The members are expected to spot different number plates of vehicles from various countries. The primary rule of this game is honesty. The chance of winning heavily relies on the number of number plates from different countries that you spot. For each country placed, an assignment is given, for example, to name the capital city of the country or the continent it belongs to. The person with maximum points wins.

Memory Game

The game involves the use of memory to construct a story. The first person starts by introducing a sentence such as "I went to the market to buy bananas." The next person then starts with the last word of the first sentence, example, and "bananas are sweet tropical fruits. The pattern continues and whoever destroys the model is eliminated. The game is exciting and involving, and you will not realize how long the distance was!

I Spy

This game is charming, and all that is required is to start by saying "I Spy something with my little eye...beginning with letter…" and everybody will be alert to note the target item and mention it. Once the mover asks the question, everybody will keep guessing until that time somebody will get the correct answer. This game relies on honesty on the part of the question mover, but if well implemented, it can be the much-need solution to that long tedious journey. The question mover can also spice up the question by more hints.

The Scramble

The game revolves around reorganizing letters of a given the word to form as many words as possible. One person will come up with a word (preferably more than four letters), and on a piece of paper, everybody will write as many words as possible from the letters of the word within two minutes. The winner is known after adding up the points; every unique word earns two points while other shared words earn one point each.

Spelling Check

The game involves a mover, usually an adult, saying out words for each member in the car. The members are expected to identify the correct spelling of the suggested word. The person who misses the correct spelling doesn't earn marks while the winner earns several marks. The game continues until the participants find an alternative game or get to their destination.

Tongue Twisters

Tongue twisters make the journey interesting as everybody practice to correctly pronounce the words in the tongue twister. The fun generated from the activity makes everybody forget the traveling hustle and stress.


Traveling with children requires creativity to keep the kids alert and prevent boredom. The suggested games are excellent ways to keep them busy and enjoy the ride.