Are you a driver who intend to visit Ireland?  It is imperative to research how the Irish drivers operate in their country. Psychological preparation on what you expect is the only way to guarantee a comfortable stay in Ireland. The article below details what you expect on the Irish roads.

Is Ireland right-hand drive?

Ireland is a left-hand drive country. It is among the few countries in the world that use the left-hand side. The Irish landscapes are breathtaking, and the only way to capture the magical experience is by traveling by road. This will give you great views of Ireland. It is, however, paramount to know that you will drive on the left-hand side and you will be driving a right-hand side.

History of the left-hand side drive

Ireland and a few other European countries adopted the left drive. Others include the Cyprus and Britain. Its close association with Britain influenced this decision. The British had passed as law in 1835 to use the left-hand side of the road. It is believed that this was adopted to minimize the risk of deaths from attacks in the medieval Europe. The chariots were driven on the left side to allow them to hold an arm in the right hand. The drive became common until its adoption.

The debate to convert roads to right side

Several Irish leaders have suggested the reversal of the adoption of the left-drive arguing that it is causing accidents. The argument is that foreign visitors, who use right side in their countries, are confused resulting in avoidable accidents. Although several debates have flopped, they have managed to trim the speed for foreigners at 50 miles per hour compared to Irish drivers who drive at 120 mph.


Ireland has the left-hand drive which has been criticized for long enough.  The critics feel that it's contributing to rising of road fatalities. Whether Ireland will join Canada and switch to the right-hand drive remains to be seen.