The road signs are meant to inform, educate and alert the road users. For the road sign to pass the intended message clearly, it ought to be precise, catchy and accurate. Considering the effort and resources directed towards the transport sector in Ireland, it is only fair to have road signs that are up to the mark, and that will effectively perform the intended purpose. In Ireland, some road signs that have been erected along the roads are not only funny but also fails to communicate the road safety messages to the road users. This article compiles a list of some of the funniest road signs in Ireland.

1. A road sign that provides two different distances to the same town. This is funny, right. The two signboards below show the distance to Killaloe. Is it educative, funny or misleading? Be the judge

Ireland funniest road signs

2. .As you digest the distance mishap, here is a road sign that is both funny regarding the shape, content and the message, have a look at this funny sign

Ireland funniest road signs

3. The sign below is both sarcastic and funny. We all know that water and electrical power do not mix at whatever cost! The sign below is more of a death sentence than an informative and cautionary piece.

Ireland funniest road signs

4. Irish City Council just decided to pull a shocker! When you thought that diversion was meant for a distance of several meters or even kilometers, you got it all wrong. This diversion is just a few meters long.

Ireland funniest road signs

5. Just when you thought you had seen it all, this sign comes your way. The sign prohibits the use of the route by both cars and pedestrians, the question is, who is the sign targeting? Are the edges even sharp?

Ireland funniest road signs

6. Confusion at its best. This road had these two signs at the same spot! A close check shows you that the two signs relay the same information in a different and controversial way. Which one of the sign do you believe?

Ireland's funniest road signs 3

7. The sign controversy again. The keep right sign contravenes the bend left sign yet the signs are in the same place. Wait a minute; the keep right sign is pointing to a farm off the road!

Ireland's funniest road signs 5

8. Just when you thought the miracle of walking on water ended with Jesus and Peter, the Irish Road Authority serves you with the road sign below.

Ireland's funniest road signs 9


9. Look at the road texture, width and the exact sign where this sign is located. This is either a joke or mockery, that time you want to drive faster but the environment can’t allow; then you bump into this sign!

Ireland's funniest road signs 4

10. The hidden road sign is expected to deliver some information to the motorists as well as the pedestrian. It is, however, generously passing information to the bush!

Irish road signs. A hidden signs.


11. These road signs are funny just because of the location. The location is a staircase kind; was the signs necessary, who would even think of riding their car there let alone cycling. Funny indeed.


12. Sheep lying on the road is a funny scenario, does it even happen? Well, according to the sign below, it is reason enough to warn the drivers and probably the pedestrians. Slow down, sheep lying on the road




Apart from educating road users, the road signs can also deliver humor in the most unexpected ways. That journey can be quite boring and just observing these road signs can light up your journey. Some of the road signs can, however, be very confusing and the right amends may be of great help to the road users.